Empties #2


So, it's time to get rid of things which are empty by now. I collected some things, which I used up and, wrote a small review of each one. 
There are only beauty products: makeup, hair and skin care. 
It's a second one post from "Empties" series, if I can call them that (I just don't know how to call/label such posts. Anyway, you get the point. 
My first empties I wrote just a year ago (yeah, let's just forget also the fact that I didin't post for months before).

So, as you may understand, I collected these empty bottles during year. Of course, it's just a small part of products which I used up. I just forget to collect them, so I throw them away before I remembered that I need to hold them for a little bit longer.
This post is getting longer and longer, I can write a lot about it. Let's just get down to the business ↓

1. PROFIStyle Dual-phase leave-in conditioner with argan oil

I definitely love this hair product. And what I love the most is it's with argan oil. And I really like this fact. I suppose it's the second bottle which I used. I remember when I was searching for argan oil and I couldn't find it. So, when I saw this product I decided to give it a shot (and of course the title  "argan oil" encouraged me to buy it).
I usually spray it on my tips almost every day. It makes my hair softer and OMG how it smells (so freaking cool).I just can't help smelling it. 

P.S. I have one more bottle, so I'm very happy about it. So, if you're searching for a good spray conditioner, you should definitely try this one. 

2. Yves Rocher Healthy Glow Mask with Spanish Pomegranate

I really like the effect after using this mask. It's smooth and soft. The smell is really nice, it's not too specific and strong, so it's definitely an advantage. 
I usually applied this mask once a week while I was taking a shower. Waited 3 minutes and then rinsed it off. My skin was so smooth and soft after this mask, OMG! I loved this after effect. 
If you want soft skin, give this mask a try. 

3. Kallos gogo Repair Hair Mask

I liked this one pretty much. Actually, I'm not really an expert in hair masks, so I didn't find my perfect one yet. I just try different, some of them are pretty good, but after using them I don't have this WOW effect. So I'm still searching. 
But, I really liked this one mask. When I used it, my hair became more smooth, even a littlle bit softer, it became easier to brush them. 

Actually, I didin't noticed it firstly, but once I didin't used this mask, I felt the difference. 
So, it worked pretty well for me. I'm not sure, if I would buy this one mask again, but who knows. 

4. Herbolive Olive oil & Argan oil Shampoo for Coloured Hair

When we were on Cyprus, I really liked hair products in hotel, they were so good! So, I thought why not to buy something there. And we found shampoos and conditioners with olive oil and argan oil, so it was just perfect. I believe I don't need to tell you how these two oils are beneficial for your hair.
As you may know from my Instagram, I died my hair. So I started using this shampoo. I have already used up similar shampoo and conditioners of this brand, but they were with Olive oil and Aloe Vera for dry and damaged hair. I liked all of them. So, if you will ever see this brand, you can try it.

After using these hair products, my hair became softer and easy to brush. I'm pretty sure that these products also moisturized and nourished my hair as they contained Olive oil and Aloe Vera/Argan oil. So it worked pretty nice.

5. Maybelline Expert Eyes Makeup Remover

Frankly, I didin't like it. It says that it's for eye makeup even if it's waterproof, but it worked pretty bad for me, especially when I have eyeliner or pretty dramatic/bright eye look. It just did worse. It says that this remover delicately do it work and yeah, it's true. But it didn't remove my makeup as I thought. I needed to spend lots of time to remove my eye makeup with this one and it was much better to use just water.

It worked pretty nice to remove face/lip makeup. It was really good, I liked removing face makeup and lipstick with it. But there was another problem. It contained oil and I didn't like feeling this oil afterwords. I don't like this greasy/oily feel. 

6. Lirene Micellar Water 3 in 1

I mostly used this one to remove my makeup. I'm not really sure about this one. It worked not too bad. I didin't use it just to cleanser my skin, 'cause I didin't feel "clean" after it. Maybe it would work better for normal skin, but for my combined skin it's not. 
I'm not sure if I buy this one again. I continue searching for the perfect makeup remover for me. 

7. Mary Kay lipstick in Sweatheart

I loved this lipstick so much! It's creamy, glides smoothly, I'm pretty sure it moistirizes lips as well. And the color is so beautiful - it's beige/nude/brownish. I'm so into this color. It mostly has this brown undertone, but there's still a little bit of pink undertone, but just a little bit. It looks absolutely amazing. If I have an opportunity, I would buy this one more time (if it's still available). I still have one more Mary Kay lipstick, but in Shell. 

8. Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Pencil in Sweet Pink

I remember that time when I wanted a pink/nude lip liner so much. I couldn't find a perfect one, but than I saw this lip pencil and I liked it. The color is beautiful, it's perfect for everyday makeup. Unfortunately, you can't wear this by its own, as for me it doesn't look that good. And I would also recommend to use a little bit of lip balm before applying it, so it will glide smoothly. 

9. Hand Sanitizer

As I always had this one in my bag, I decided that it should have a spot in this article also. I'm pretty sure it worked as all sanitizers, it had rose smell. It was pretty nice. 
I don't know what else I can say about it. I would buy the same sanitizer maybe later. Right now I would prefer to buy just simple sanitizer without smell, but maybe later I would buy this rose sanitizer. Who knows.

It was a really long article! If you read till the end, I'm so thankful! Have you ever used one of this products? What are your opinion about them? Would you buy something from the list? 

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love, Limbria
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  1. I don't use any of these products. I know quite well Yves Rocher though and love this brand! so cheap but so good! I just coloured my hair so i need to use the appropriate shampoo now so the one you listed could be a future buy! Thanks for sharing! xx Corinne

    1. Yes! Absolutely you about Yves Rocher, it's just you don't need to spend lots of money to get a great result! :)

      Thanks for commenting x

  2. Wow theres so many products on here I have honestly never seen!! I am such a freak when it comes to my hair and taking good care of it so I will definitely be trying some of these thank you for sharing!!xx

    Sarah | sazsinclair.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I'm so happy that I could help you in this way! Thank you for commenting x

  3. Haven't used any of these before but the mask sounds amazing, love anything with pomergranite.

    With Love Yossy x

    1. You should try this mask, it does pretty good job! :)
      Thanks for commenting! x


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