Empties #3


 Guess what? It's time to review some products which I used up! Okay, I'm so excited about this post. I don't know why, maybe it's because I finally blog or mayve it's just my exams are almost done. Yeah! 

Anyway, this post is not about my exams, but it's time to estimate some products. I kind of decided to change my blogging/writing style about empties. I suppose it's gonna be shorter than my other posts. And it's also because I stopped writing in two languages, so I mainly focus writing in English. You may have noticed it even in my previous post. Hope, this helps me blog more. Let's finish with these little changes and get down to business! 

 1. Sweet Secret Apple Pie Body Wash Peeling

Firstly, OMG - it smells so freaking good! Serieously, I wanted to it. Actually, I have this scrub for pretty looong time! I bought when I was finishing high school, so it was 3 years ago, yay. Actually I bought in order to exfoliate my skin. It happened that I got ill(I had chicken pox) just one month before the prom. Yeah, loser ;D 

So, I needed to have at least "not that bad" skin and a cosmetologist recommended me this body peeling. And it worked, it really worked! I had less visible scars and my skin feeled really cool. After that I also used this scrub from time to time and just recently I ran out of it. 

Rate: I would put 9/10 or 10/10. 

 2. Balea Glossy Braun Shampoo

Can you guess how much does it cost? Just guess? It costed me about one freaking euro. What? Like, I was shocked when I was told it costed 1. I bought it in Germany when I was on internship there and one of the professors recommended me this shampoo. This one is for brown-haired. But there are also other shampoos for different colors from the same line. You can find them here
I liked this shampoo, so I even asked my friend(Who was in Germany in that moment) to bIuy me one more. 
Rate: 8/10 (I like it, but I can't say that it's the best of the best. But it's so cool for this price).

 3. Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar (Raspberry)

This vinegar is pretty cool, it has a nice smell. But I can't say that it's my must-have. Yes, it makes my hair a little bit glossier, easier to brush. But I can have the same result using my fav hair mask, which also moisturizes my hair. So it's not a neccesity for me. I remember that we actually bought this vinegar in the past, but as we understood it's not a must-have for us(my mom and me), we stopped it. And this bottle we recieved as a gift for our order. 
Rate: 7/10

 4. Chlorhexidine

I can't even remember which bottle it is. I used up so many! But I still love using it, it's cheap, but it cleans my skin really good! It removes all the dirt. Now I don't use it that much as I use my skin care set from Israel, but when I'll finish with it, I will use again my fav chlorhexidine. 

Rate: 10/10 

5. Tea Tree Essential Oil

I'm just essential oil junky. Yay. They become just a part of my life, srsl. I use them a lot in my skin routing now. I remember it all started with lavender one
Enough about that, let's focus on tea tree oil. First of all, it smells horrible for me! Yay, that smell, omg, I almost cried. But it helped. It actually helped my skin and pretty a lot. I used it in order to heal my acne. I usually just wiped my skin with a cotton pad with a little bit of oil. And it worked, it also cleaned my skin so freaking great! I was in shock how much dirt there was. 

And then I read that it's not good to apply tea tree essential oil on skin, you need to mix it with water. Yay. And then I started doing it that way. But I still aplied pure essential oil on my pimples. 
So, it helped me:

  • cure acne;
  • clean my skin;
  • remove excess of skin oil;
  • reduce redness;

Rate: 10/10

 6. Dr.Sante Silk Hair Mask

My mom recieved as gift a set of this mask, shampoo and hair conditioner. And we loved it! OMG, it happened it's not that expensive, but my hair feels so great after using these products, especially when I use this mask. It's soft and moisturized, it's easy to brush them, so I'm in love with it. We actually bought it for the 2nd time(or even 3d) and I'm thinking about buying it in 1000 ml.
The price is just ridiculous. I also love their shampoo and conditioner, you can check Dr.Sante's products and maybe you'll find something you need/would like to try. 
You can buy this mask here.  

Rate: 10/10 

7. Yves Rocher Naturelle Perfume

We recieved this perfume as a gift for one of our orders and we fell in love with this fragrance. The smell is really nice, it's soft and fresh, it's slightly sweet, but not too much. I would love rebuy it one more time(but we still need to use up some other fragrances we have) 

Rate: 10/10 

Have you ever tried something from the list? What did you used up recently that you loved the most? 

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love, Limbria

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  1. Oh no, chicken pox before your prom? That's unlucky!
    My mum keeps saying to me that tea tree oil would be great for my skin but I keep forgetting to pick some up- must remember!

    1. Yeah, that was horrible, but fortunately I was able to recover just in time :)
      You should definitely try it! It's really magical, but it has pretty horrible scent :)

  2. I love reading these Empties posts! The Secret Apple Pie Body Wash sounds amazing.. I love finding products that fade scars!


    1. Ow, I'm happy that you love this theme too! Yeah, fading scars products are my friends now ;)
      Thanks for commenting! x


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