Blog Mistakes I Did #2: Neglecting Social Media


Mistakes, mistakes and mistakes. We all do them every day. It can be a tiny mistake or a bigger one. If doesn´t matter, but everyone do mistakes.
As you may guess this post is about blog mistakes. Actually, it's the second post of this topic. In the previous one, I wrote about my 3 main mistakes which I did(and I still struggle to deal with them, but I try to decrease them. Hope, I won't do them anymore soon).
Just keep reading and you will find some resourses that help(ed) me and I think they're pretty handful. 

Putting social media aside

It's not like I didn't use it at all, but I didn't use it properly. I only used VK(actually I only used the public where I was an admin) to promote my blog posts. That's a real fuck up. Seriously. 

With time I started using other social medias: Twitter, We❤It, Tumblr, Pinterest and something else. But I didn't use it properly! I randonly post something about my blog posts, I didn't frame it(like, writing catching caption and adding appealing pics). 

I'm not gonna write down all the things, which I DIDN'T do, as I suppose you understand that I failed with social media a lot.

With time I started using a little bit more actively and properly, started using some VK public for bloggers, commenting on other blogs, created my Bloglovin' profile etc.

The moral of this text is that USE social media. It will bring traffic to your blog. Moreover, you can meet really nice people and even become friends. That's also really cool. There are lots of different sources where you can find different tips how to properly use different(!) social media to bring traffic. Just use them all and don't forget to look at stats and see what works and what not, so you will not spend time on sites which don't bring traffic and put efforts in others. 

Me recommendations (posts, blogs, courses). 

I really like reading from time to time Maria J's posts about blogging tips, I love her posts about photography

I love so much Chelsea Hodges' freebies and her ebook (how to double IG and Twitter followers). Guys, seriously, it costs just $2, but it's worth it! It's not like some tips, which are in every article on the internet. There are really great, deep(can I say it?), and useful tips. She has recently launched free Pinterest email course, which I've finally completed. I try to follow her instructions/tips (but I'm such a lazy person). And I still need to learn

Apart from it, I like listening to Sara Tasker's podcast(Instagram), sometimes I also read her posts about Instagram, but not that often. 

Then, I found also a great blog - Zoe Linda's one. I enrolled in some of her courses and now I'm doing them. I can say that I like it, I found some useful for myself tips and try to apply them. Let's see what happens. But you can try also, it's free and maybe you will like it.

These are Zoe Linda's course which I do:
Rocking Resource Library
Find Your Theme (IG) 

I also read some of her blog posts, 'cause I find them pretty useful for me. I'm not saying that I'm reading all of them as it's pretty hard to do. And usually I don't ckeck blogs. I only read posts eigther I see an email(if I'm subscribed) and there is/are link(s) or I notice the link on their social media.

Actually, I thought that I would do this post larger and will include 2-3 bullet points as I did in the first part of the Blog Mistakes series. And yeah, I know, I fucked up. I wrote in that post about consistency and just failed.

So, I'm finishing this post now and gonna keep reading my emails with lessons from courses as I just have tons of them unread, yay. I really need to read them ASAP otherwise I'll never read them at all.

Do you know any of the bloggers I mentioned? What resources do you use to learn? Which one do you like the most? I would like to find out new blogs which can help me develop ❤

Remember I mentioned Chelsea's ebook? You can buy it here, just click the link. You will learn some useful techniques and methods, which Chelsea used and I also try to adjust them now. Let's grow our Instagram and Twitter together. 

Disclaimer: The link of ebook is affiliate, so if you buy her ebook, I'll recieve a small commission. I was so happy when I recieved an email about her program as I can help her spread her ebook. I honestly think that she helps a lot and her ebook is very useful. 

If you enjoyed this post and you think it's useful, please share it with others, it can help them too. Don't forget to follow my blog and social media to keep up with me ❤
love, Limbria
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