Best Friend Birthday Basket Gift Ideas


Someones has birthday soon? Don't know what to buy as a gift? I have a solution for you! 
I came up with a few pretty easy gift ideas, which you can do. And it's not actually just one gift, it's a mix of different small things which are contents of the one big present. 

If you need inspo for a birthday gift to your friend(mom, sister, brother etc), keep reading and you'll find out some ideas. 

 1. Stationery addiction

If your friend is a stationery lover, he/she likes having bullet journal/agenda, then it can be a wonderful idea to buy a bucnh of different cute little things for planning! You can collect all things in one style or color palette/color depending on preferences. As you can see on the pic, all of the stationery is in such white/black and pinkish theme. 

Here's a little list of things you can include:

  • washi tape
  • stickers
  • sticker notes (simple/bold notes, timetable, to-do lists, schedule markers etc)
  • pens
  • pencils
  • sharpies/highlighters/markers
  • bookmarks
  • planner dividers
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • rubber
  • stationery organizer
  • paper clips
  • planner envelope
  • pencil-case
  • planner paper
  • notebook
  • greeting cards
  • pins
  • bulldog clips
  • stamps
  • etc.
There are lots of different stationery you can include. It all depends only on your finances and preferences of your friend.

2. Makeup passion

Your friend is makeup junkie? Then gifting him a basket full of makeup products can be just perfect for him! It works the same way as the previous basket, you can include how many products you like, it can be everyday makeup products or something unusual/bright. And don't forget to read different reviews, before you buy/order it, make sure it's of a great quality product. 

What can you include:

This kind of gift can be a little bit tricky as you need to know what your friend want/like, so you will not buy something he/she is not using. If your friend likes dark lipsticks, go for it; doesn't like falsies or lip glosses? - don't buy them. 
I wouldn't also recommend buying foundation as it's pretty "intimate" thing, just because you can choose wrong color. The same with brow pencils, cause you can choose darker/lighter color than he/she needs. 

If you don't kno what makeup exactly your friend wants, you can always choose something neutural and for everyday use, for example:
  • brown/black mascara;
  • brown/black eyeliner
  • nude lipstick
  • nude/brownish/beige eyeshadow
  • lip balm
  • brushes

3. Mixed basket

And you can also combine just different things in one basket. Here's actually a basket which I gifted to my friend. I put there bunch of goodies depending on her preferences and what she wanted. 

As she likes green color, I decided it would be cool to make "green present". I painted a basket in emerald, bought green candle and washi tape. I thought it's a great idea as her IG is in green theme, so it may work. And she also has a planner, so the washi tape will be just in her theme. 

Then I put pink mascara, 'cause she wanted it. And I finally found it*-* Yes! I was haunting it for so long! I also decided to add a little personal touch with No-Face(Spirited Away) Nail Stickers and a little bottle of liquor. 

And I actually did a customized sticker on the bottle, which I decorated with dark green frame and 5 holo stars and wrote an instruction: 1) Use it when it's necessary. 

And as you can see I tied up the bottle, as it was falling from the basket, 'cause the candle was too big. So I tied it up to the basket with green thread. And then I finished the whole basket with bunch of small orange wish cards, which I wrote down. 

In total I put there:
  • green candle
  • green washi tape
  • nail stickers
  • pink mascara
  • liquor bottle
  • wish cards
And you see, it's all customizable. As for me it was pretty fun to collect this basket for her and I hope she liked it. 

These are my 3 Best Friend B-day Gift Ideas and there can be more combinations. Just have fun with it and you will find a perfect gift to your friend. 

I know it can be a problem sometimes, 'cause you don't know what to present. So, hope this post can give you a few ideas. Don't forget to share this post, if you like it, so others will also have a chance to get inspo. 

Which basket would you like to recieve as gift? Why so? :)

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love, Limbria
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